Oakeshott specialises in marine insurance and risk management solutions
for all maritime industries, from the vessels ranging from large oil tankers and cargo ships to fishing boats and private yachts; to the cargo, cranes, equipment and crew that load the ships, the computer networks that manage the inventories and the ports and terminals where the ships are docked.

Oakeshott’s heritage of providing marine insurance to a diverse client list across the globe for 20 years, along with the wide-ranging experience of its team of marine specialists, means that it has the expertise to create appropriately tailored solutions for each individual client for all types of marine risks.

Its range of specialist insurance services include:

  • Hull and Machinery
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Cargo, Specie and Fine Art
  • War, Piracy and Terrorism Risks
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Crew Personal Accident
  • Yacht and Pleasure Crafts
  • Loss of Hire and Revenue Protection
  • Shipyard, Port and Terminal Risks
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Charterer’s Risks
  • Freight Forwarders, Road Haulers and other Transport Operators Risks